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Who we are - Acredius

Feeling the need –the Acredius story

The idea for Acredius originated when Ghassen felt a need. Initially, not for himself, but for the business angels and investors he dealt with in his previous job. At the time, as an engineer and actuary, he was dealing with invoice financing and risk management. He realised that his clients were making many business decisions based on instincts and educated guesses rather than validated data. Likewise, the investors were not fully informed. Ghassen has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He formed this idea of building a tool that would inform investors about the creditworthiness of businesses using non-traditional data such as social media profiles, online presences and customer reviews.

Meet the team

Ghassen Benhadjsalah​​

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tareck Raafat​​

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Nada Chebli​​

Co-Founder & Group Coordinator

Fernando Felix​

Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Hentz​

Legal Advisor

Asma Chaouch​

Data Science Lead

Mohamed Moula​

Digital Marketing Lead

People Operations Lead - Adem Hichri

Adem Hichri​

People Experience Lead

Dheker Amara

Dheker Amara​

Operations Lead

Ahmed Rached​

Content Writer

ELLILI Nour Elhouda acredius team

Nour Elhouda Ellili​

Paid Media Specialist

Ricardo Lopes

Ricardo Lopes​

Senior Consultant

Luan Menezes

Luan Menezes​

Full Stack Developer

Graphic Designer Anis Hmama

Anis Hmama​

Graphic Designer

Full Stack Developer

Nayana Ciuro​

Full Stack Developer

WordPress Developer

Sinda Miled​

WordPress Developer

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